Angels do Exist

Angels exist. They guide and protect us every moment of our lives. But in order to hear or feel them we must learn to quiet the mind and body. In a state of stillness we can connect to the spiritual beings around us. I have struggled with quieting my mind, now I schedule time to meditate every day. I use essential oils to strengthen my aura, open my third eye, and open my heart. I have always had a gift of intuition but I would frequently doubt myself or I would not act on the information. One day somewhere in the process of my meditation, I received the greatest gift of my life. A being appeared to me. The being was bathed in a glowing white light so no features were distinguishable. I will refer to the being as she, only due to the nurturing vibrations emanating from her. She lifted me in her arms as though I were an infant and cradled me to her heart. There were no words spoken but I experienced a profound connection to love that words cannot express. I was visited by my angel! When I emerged from the meditation I was in a state of bliss. The experience brought tears to my eyes because for the very first time in my entire life I knew that I was not now, nor had I ever been alone on my journey. I had experienced feelings of a presence around me for as long as I could remember. Now I had the “proof” for myself. The following evening I met a friend for dinner and she blurted out that she could see an angel behind me. I felt as though I was floating on joy for the next two days. On the second evening I received a message that my sister was missing. They found her the next morning, she had committed suicide. I was better able to handle the tragedy because I knew we were not alone and I knew her angels were there for her on the other side of the veil. This profound experience taught me not to doubt my inner voice because I have angelic guidance and protection. From that time on I stared to listen, to trust, and to value the messages that I receive. I now use this gift to listen and guide others on their life path.

Sandy Couture

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