I am available for intuitive guidance and tarot sessions in person or remotely by phone.

Intuitive guidance and tarot readings can be helpful and give clarity to many questions in life. The process is easy, so let me guide you through it. Once you have decided to contact me, we can discuss the best option or type of guidance needed and time for your session. We can talk for the whole appointment or combine tarot in the process. My clients contact me about relationships, business decisions, health concerns, or balancing energy, distance healing, and spiritual guidance.

My current rates are $40.00 US for 30 minutes or $75.00 US for a 1 hour appointment.

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About Me

I come from a long line of intuitive/ psychic women. My grandmother taught me the value of interpreting my dreams and my mother helped me to understand my deep knowingness. I am the happiest when I am in spiritual service. This line of work chose me, in fact I was reluctant to use my gifts earlier in my life. Now I know that it is the only thing that makes my heart sing.

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What people say

What I appreciate most about Sandy is her ability to hone in on the blocks that prevent you from living your most abundant life. I needed some guidance on choices I was about to make and Sandy was able to guide me effortlessly towards the best path. Her wisdom and kindness throughout the process was an added bonus.
I can, hand on heart, totally recommend Sandy if you’re struggling with a challenge or life has dealt you some blows or if you simply would like guidance on your path.
Elle Summer

Sandy Couture is a rare talent in the metaphysical world. Sandy is a perfect blend of a deep empathetic listener, an intuitive "par excellence," and a woman wise in the ways of the world. As a spiritual counselor, she is without peer. I will be eternally grateful for the savage advice I have already received and confidently look forward to my future because of her available guidance.

Brian Hill

Sandy's gift is that she is in tune with everything around her. Within moments of meeting a person, through intuition, she is able to determine that person's emotional and physical state and ascertain how to positively effect the steps needed for that person to move forward with greater ease.
She has an open heart and mind with all of nature and the cosmos.
Kelly C

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We all need a helping hand....

One of my greatest life lessons is that we all need help at sometime in our life. I was taught to be very self sufficient and not to burden anyone else with my personal challenges. That is a good thing except that it can  limit the ability to realize the need for help. It can create guilt about asking for help, and it can limit the ability to receive help. My wish for everyone is to recognize when they need help, to be able to ask for help, and to be able to receive help when it's offered.



The next step....

Be willing to reach out and be willing to receive.